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Bradley Cockrell, Attorney at Law

For J. Bradley Cockrell, criminal defense attorney, preparation is key to a successful legal outcome for his clients. Every case is prepared with the care and detail as if it is going to trial, although many will not reach that point before being settled. He knows that being better prepared than opposing counsel, and ensuring his client is prepared as well, makes a positive impact on the case’s outcome.

With an excellent track record for client success over his 27 years of criminal defense work, Attorney Cockrell’s experience has shown that people are often arrested for crimes they did not commit. He listens carefully to his clients to find the best way to represent them. His years of extensive trial experience allow him to better understand how prosecutors and judges look at a case and that, too, helps with his success rates.

When you meet Attorney Brad Cockrell, his honest and compassionate outlook will inspire confidence in his work. He supports his clients by offering his services on a payment plan, if needed, and provides a free, no-obligation meeting to help them make good legal decisions.

Bradley Cockrell serves all of Louisiana. He is a strong supporter of his home community, Lafayette Parish, and has done pro bono work in the Parish.

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