Unlike a first or second operating while impaired (OWI) offense, a third drunk-driving charge in Louisiana is classified as a felony, which means–if convicted–you could be sentenced to a long imprisonment term in addition to a lengthy driver’s license suspension. A third OWI offense can certainly take a toll on not only your future but your freedom, so having an OWI defense lawyer on your side is in your best interest.

Penalties For A Third OWI Offense Conviction

If you are convicted of a third OWI, you could be sentenced to a mandatory minimum of one year in incarceration–meaning there is no chance of a suspended jail sentence or parole. While you could be sentenced to a maximum of five years, any time beyond the one-year sentence may be suspended in lieu of probation.

The fines are also significantly increased for a third OWI offense–you could be ordered to pay $2,000 as well as court costs. In some cases, the court could confiscate and impound your vehicle. In addition, your vehicle could be sold at auction.

Fighting Your Louisiana OWI Offense

Yes, the stakes are high when you are charged with a third OWI offense in Louisiana, but an arrest does not automatically equal a conviction. Attorney J. Bradley Cockrell has worked with a number of residents facing a drunk-driving charge and helped them avoid the serious penalties associated with this crime–even when they thought fighting their case was pointless.

To learn how Mr. Cockrell can defend you against your pending charges, contact our law office today for a free analysis of your Louisiana OWI case.

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