As a felony offense, a fourth operating while impaired (OWI) charge has the potential to change your life forever. Those who are convicted of a fourth OWI could spend years in prison as well as thousands on court fines and other associated costs. If you are facing a fourth OWI offense in Louisiana, the fact is that you can’t afford not to have a defense lawyer on your side.

Penalties For A Fourth OWI Offense Conviction

Perhaps the most shocking aspect of a fourth OWI conviction is the amount of prison time to which you may be sentenced–anywhere from 10 to 30 years. Even if part of your imprisonment is suspended in lieu of probation and other programs, you will end up serving a mandatory two-year sentence–no exceptions.

You Can Fight Your OWI Charge

The thought of being sentenced to a decade or more of imprisonment is a frightening possibility if you have been charged with a fourth drunk-driving offense in Louisiana; however, fighting your charge is certainly possible. Attorney J. Bradley Cockrell has handled a number of felony OWI cases, and can investigate the circumstances of your arrest to prepare the appropriate defense for your case.

To begin fighting your pending charges, please schedule an appointment today for a free case analysis by Mr. Cockrell.

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