Although the Second Amendment does grant the right to bear arms, this right is regulated at a state and federal level. Louisiana residents arrested on a weapons-related charge could face jail time and fines if convicted of the offense—so working with a criminal defense lawyer is recommended.

Weapons Charges

Weapons-related offenses can fall into a number of categories, including: carrying a concealed firearm without a permit, discharging a weapon on a parade route, possession of a weapon by a convicted felon, possession of a weapon with identifying marks (such as a serial number) removed. You could also face criminal charges for carrying a weapon into a restricted area, such as a court house, police station, prison, airport, school or bar.

The sentence for a weapons charge depends on whether it was a misdemeanor or felony offense as well as the crime committed. For carrying a concealed firearm without a permit, the penalties include fines up to $500 and six months in jail (though this can be increased for carrying while committing a violent or drug-related crime).

For convicted felons who are caught in possession of a firearm, the penalties are much steeper. If convicted of this crime, the sentence includes 10-20 years in prison and fines ranging from $1000 to $5000.

Fighting Your Weapons Charge

Weapons crimes are taken seriously by the Louisiana courts; however, Lafayette attorney J. Bradley Cockrell is here to help. Attorney Cockrell has been representing clients in criminal matters for more than 20 years. He has the experience and acumen to take on the most challenging of weapons-related charges.

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