Anyone charged with a criminal offense in Louisiana is afforded certain protections according to the law, including the right to a fair trial. If you have recently been arrested for a theft-related charge, working with a criminal defense attorney who is willing to protect your rights is critical.

Louisiana Theft Charges

Theft is defined as the act of taking anything of value from another individual without his or her consent. This applies whether the item is taken from a friend, family member or stranger, or was shoplifted from a store.

The penalties for theft depends on the dollar amount of the stolen item. For items with a value of less than $500, you could be subject to six months in jail and $1000 in fines. If the item is worth over $1500, the penalty increases to a maximum of 10 years of incarceration (with or without hard labor) and $3000 in fines.

In addition to the criminal penalties for a theft conviction, you may be subject to civil consequences as well. The victim could file a claim for restitution as well as punitive damages. You will also develop a permanent criminal record that could have an impact when applying for jobs or even leaving the country for vacation or business.

Fighting Your Theft Charge is Possible

Lafayette criminal defense attorney J. Bradley Cockrell has been representing clients in criminal cases for over two decades. With all of his experience, he has learned a thing or two about challenging the evidence in theft cases and defending his clients in court.

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