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Homicide falls into a number of categories, depending on premeditation and intent. While manslaughter and negligent homicide are not considered as “bad” as first- or second-degree homicide, the potential penalties still include significant time in prison and fines.

Manslaughter Charges

Whereas first- and second-degree homicide involve premeditation—that is, the murder was planned—manslaughter charges apply to those who kill another immediately after being provoked. In other words, the defendant is reacting to the situation in the heat of passion.

If convicted of manslaughter, a defendant will face at maximum a 40-year prison sentence with hard labor. If the victim was under 10 years of age, the sentence cannot be suspended or waived in lieu of probation and the period of imprisonment may be between 10 and 40 years.

Negligent Homicide

A person may be charged with negligent homicide if his or her negligent actions contributed to the death of another. For example, a person who runs a red light, thus hitting and killing another driver, would be arrested for negligent homicide.

The penalties for a negligent homicide conviction include a maximum five-year prison sentence (with or without hard labor) and/or a maximum of $5000 in fines. If the victim was under 10 years of age, the sentence includes a minimum of two years (maximum of five years) in prison with hard labor, with no chance of probation, parole or the suspension of the prison sentence.

Fighting Your Charges

A manslaughter or negligent homicide conviction can have a lasting impact on your future. For this reason, working with a criminal attorney who is ready to provide aggressive defense is critical. Over the last 20 years, Lafayette attorney J. Bradley Cockrell has helped clients accused of serious criminal offenses.

If you’re facing a manslaughter or negligent homicide charge, fighting your case is possible. To learn more, complete our online form now to schedule a free case evaluation.

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