Drug-related crimes are subject to harsh penalties in Louisiana, whether you were caught carrying a small amount of marijuana or charged with manufacturing and/or trafficking. The sentence for a conviction carries prison time as well as expensive fines.

Drug Charges

The war on drugs has had a significant impact on how Louisiana prosecutes drug charges. While other states are working to decriminalize marijuana, this hasn’t reached lawmakers here. In fact, if you are caught with marijuana, you could be sentenced to six months in prison and $500 in fines—and that’s just for a first offense.

Louisiana also makes it a crime to posses elements that can be used to manufacture narcotics. This means that compounds used to make drugs are put into the same category as heroin, cocaine and other controlled substances.

If you are caught with a large amount of drugs, the state could charge you with intent to distribute. Individuals convicted of this crime could be sentenced to a minimum of five years and a maximum of 30 years in prison as well as fines up to $50,000.

Fighting a Drug-Related Offense

Lafayette defense attorney J. Bradley Cockrell has seen first-hand the devastation a drug charge can have on the life of the accused and his or her family. Because of this, he offers aggressive defense to those charged with possessing, selling or trafficking controlled substances. By launching an in-depth investigation into your case, he can uncover evidence that can be used to strengthen your defense.

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