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As the Internet gained popularity, the number of cases involving computer crimes rose as well. Louisiana lawmakers take a harsh stance on those who use the world wide web to commit crimes—whether that includes sharing illegal pornography or committing fraud against others. If you are currently facing a computer-related offense, working with a criminal defense attorney who understands the intricacies of this field of law is critical.

Louisiana Computer Crime Offenses

Computer crimes are defined as any offense in which an individual uses a computer to commit a crime or the computer is the target of the crime. For example, it is illegal to use a computer to commit fraud or steal data. Other computer-related crimes including luring or soliciting children to engage in sexual acts; stalking, harassing or bullying others; downloading, possessing or transmitting child pornography.

The penalties for a conviction depend on the offense committed. Common punishments include time behind bars, fines and probation. Those who have been convicted of a related crime in the past can be sentenced to increased penalties.

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The penalties for a computer crime conviction last long after your sentence has been completed—with a criminal offense on your record, things such as applying for employment and housing or even traveling outside of the country can become more difficult.

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