Bailing Someone Out of Jail

In order to get someone out of jail, you must first post bail. Depending on the specifics of the case, the bail amount could be very high, which means you would need to get a bond.

A bond acts as a loan and ensures that it is your personal responsibility to make sure the arrestee appears in court. Once the defendant makes his or her court appearances, you receive the bond money back so you can pay off the loan.

Who is eligible for a bond?

Anyone who is charged with a non-capital offense is eligible for bond in Louisiana. Louisiana offers four different ways to bail someone out of jail so that people of all financial backgrounds have a chance to post bail. One of these methods is by using a personal surety bond.

What is a personal surety bond?

A personal surety bond can be in the form of a “sign out bond.” This means that the friend of family member who chooses to bail someone out of jail using person surety promises that the defendant will make it to all court appearances. The personal surety bond might also come in the form of an ROR, or recognizance bond, which means the defendant promises that he or she will make it to the court hearing.

In either case, the surety is liable to pay the bail if the defendant flees. This type of bond is typically only available to first time non-violent offenders. In many instances, the signatory must establish good moral character and a stable work history.

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