Is there a warrant out for you in Louisiana?

If you were issued an arrest warrant in Louisiana, the first thing to do is call an attorney. Your attorney will help you throughout the legal process and give you guidance that will help you regain your rights.

Arrest Warrant or Bench Warrant?

Once you have secured your attorney, you will need to determine what kind of warrant is out.

If it is an arrest warrant that means an investigation has been opened concerning possible illegal activity involving you. In this case, law enforcement detectives will have obtained the arrest warrant, which must be signed by a judge, after providing a document that outlines the suspected legal activity. If you have an arrest warrant, you will need an attorney to step in and fight on your behalf.

The other type of warrant you might have been issued is called a bench warrant. The judge is likely to issue a bench warrant if you failed to show up in court. A bench warrant will not go away until you handle it. Depending on the case, your attorney might be able to handle the bench warrant for you. Often, however, you will be required to go back to court to remedy the warrant.

In either situation, you will want an experienced attorney who knows exactly how to proceed and help recall the warrant. If you have an arrest or bench warrant, call us at 337-234-3330 or fill out our online form to schedule a confidential, no-cost review of your case.

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