There are many laws and restrictions that surround people who have served prison sentences and have been released into the community. Recently, Louisiana has changed some of these laws.

Adjustment to Life Outside of Prison

Louisiana adjusted many laws for ex-convicts to make their transition back into society easier.

  • Rules that dictate the timeline for payment of fees, fines, and victim restitution payments have been relaxed, which gives people more breathing room to make their payments.
  • Business licenses are now easier to get, to allow people the chance to go into business for themselves shortly after they are released from prison.
  • Drug offenders are now eligible to receive government issued food stamps.
  • Child support payments do no accumulate, meaning that person will not have huge amounts of back money owed upon release from jail.

Among these laws which are intended to help ease the transition, the government has also tightened restrictions surrounding interactions between perpetrators and victims of crimes, making it easier for victims to get temporary restraining orders.

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