Criminal sentencing often brings to mind time in prison or jail. While incarceration is a common sentence, there are several types of sentences that can be handed down in Louisiana. In all cases, the severity of the crime and the specific situation will determine what type of sentence a person receives.

Alternatives to Incarceration

There are several options beyond incarceration that may be handed down if some is convicted of a crime.

  • A suspended sentence is a sentence that is not immediately carried out. Instead, the punishment is assigned, but it is not enforced unless a condition set by the judge is violated.
  • A fine is an amount of money that must be paid in restitution for the offense.
  • Community service requires that the person participate in mandatory acts of service, usually for a set amount of hours.
  • Probation is essentially being released but having stipulations and restrictions that the person must follow. If this probation is violated then a new, harsher sentence will be handed down.

Legal Help Who Can Work For the Best Outcome

The sentence given depends entirely on the crime and other relevant circumstances. First time offenders generally face more lenient sentences than those with prior records.

If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges, it is essential that you get professional legal help. At the Law Office of J. Bradley Cockrell, we can fight to get you a preferential sentence. If possible, we will help you avoid time in prison.

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