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Mr. Cockrell believes that preparation is key the successful outcome of any case that he defends in court. Whether it is a jury trial or a bench trial, it is worth exploring your options before pleading guilty or hiring an inexperienced attorney.

Theft Case – Not Guilty

Client was accused of theft and arrested. Mr. Cockrell found flaws in the case and his client was found not guilty at jury trial.

Possession of Drugs – Dismissed

Client charged with possession of heroin. Evidence was presented and the case was dismissed.

Aggravated Assault with a Firearm – Reduced to Disturbing The Peace

Client charged with aggravated assault with a firearm. Evidence was presented that contradicted the allegations and the DA dropped the charge to disturbing the peace.

OWI Charge on Motorcycle – Not Guilty

Mr. Cockrell was retained for an OWI arrest, which included a motorcycle and accident. Mr. Cockrell immediately started investigating the case and discovered a number of flaws that resulted in a not guilty outcome for his client.

OWI Charge in Truck – Case Dismissed

Client was arrested at truck and accused of impaired driving. Mr. Cockrell presented a strong defense that resulted in the case being dismissed by the prosecution.

Assault – Charge Dismissed

Mr. Cockrell was hired to defend his client that he believed was charged incorrectly. Evidence was presented and the case was dismissed in court.

Battery Case – Dismissed

Mr. Cockrell was hired for a case involving battery. Since there was no supporting evidence that the battery took place, the case was dismissed.

Armed Robbery – Plead Down To Lesser Charge

Mr. Cockrell was recruited to find the crack in the armor of a recent robbery case. After a thorough investigation, Mr. Cockrell was able to have the charge reduced to a misdemeanor offense.

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