Our Story

A young Brad Cockrell dreamed of playing big league baseball, but as he got older, those dreams faded, and new aspirations came into play – of becoming a lawyer. He may have traded the locker room for the courtroom, but the training and drive Brad learned on the ball fields serves him well as an attorney. Baseball is a complicated, skill and detail oriented game where perseverance and preparation are required merely to participate. Victory is not always guaranteed. Legal battles are the same.

Cover All Bases

For J. Bradley Cockrell, preparation is an absolute necessity. Considering a plea bargain should be a last resort. J. Bradley Cockrell prepares for each case as though it will be tried in court. He spends time with his clients to fully understand their stories and determine the best route for what each client considers the most favorable outcome.

Never Give Up

Being charged with a crime can be overwhelming and seem impossible to “disprove.” Just remember, you are never out of the fight. Mistakes are made. Lines are crossed. Not always by the person accused of committing a crime. Mistakes are often made by those charged with protecting the public as well as those charged with overseeing our legal proceedings. You do not have to fight your legal battle on your own. You do not have to merely accept what is said by those that have accused you. By all means, do not think that your cooperation with law enforcement and/or the prosecutor will be rewarded with favorable treatment. Your rights are important. Your freedom is important. These things do happen. When it happens to you, call J. Bradley Cockrell.

Every Case is Defensible.  Hire J. Bradley Cockrell.

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